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Juncus patens - California Gray Rush click image to enlarge

Juncus patens

California Gray Rush

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  • Common Name: California Gray Rush
  • Botanical Name: Juncus patens
  • Family: Juncaceae
  • Origin: United States
  • California Native: Yes
  • Plant Type: Grasses & Grasslike
  • Foliage Type: Evergreen
  • CA Plant Climate Zone: 4-9, 14-24
  • Winter Hardiness: <15° F
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Exposure:
    Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Irrigation: Highly Adaptable
  • WUCOLS Rating:
    Based on Your Location
  • Height: 1-2 feet
  • Width: 1-2 feet
  • Flower Color: Brown
  • Tags: California Gray Rush, Juncus patens, grass

About This Plant

Although California Gray Rush, Juncus patens, is native to riparian areas across the state, it is nonetheless a a highly versatile California native wire grass that can tolerate a wide range of cultural conditions from constant moisture to drought, compacted clay soils to sandy loam and a wide variety of temperatures. Round, stiff leaves reach 18" high and the plant will widen to 24"-30" if given space and moisture. Cutting back to 2"-3" above ground in late fall will remove spent brown flower heads and rejuvenate fresh growth.

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