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CmCoastal Marsh

This vital wetland plant community is located in geographically protected marshes, lagoons and estuaries. The plants in this community are heavily affected by daily tidal swings and salt tolerance. This once prevalent habitat and plant community has been largely destroyed but extraordinary efforts are being made to re-introduce and restore these precious habitats.  Coastal marshes are integral in providing habitat for migratory waterfowl, act as a final cleanse for freshwater making its way to the sea, and provide a buffer for rising sea levels and sea surges in heavy storms.


Common Plants of the Coastal Marsh

Associated & Transition Trees Dominant Shrubs, Perennials & Grasses
Alnus oregona, Red Alder Atriplex species, Dune Sedge
Alnus rhombifolia, White Alder
Carex praegracilis, Clustered Field Sedge
Pinus radiata, Monterey Pine
Distichils spicata, Salt Grass
Salix hookeriana, Dune Willow Myrica californica, Wax Myrtle
Salix scouleriana, Scouler's Wilow Salicornia species, Pickleweed
  Spartina foliosa, California Cordgrass

Note: The above lists note some species found in coastal marsh communities locatated throughout the state. A combination of these plants, not necessarily all, will constitute the dominant plant material in this specific plant community. This information is intended to be a primer on the plant communites in California.  View this article for information on references and further reading. 


Designates plant occurs in Riparian area.


Plant Communitiy Photos

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  • coastalmarsh_002.jpg
  • coastalmarsh_003.jpg