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California is home to a wildly diverse range of plants well adapted to our unique climate. From Redwood Forests to Oak Woodlands, countless native (plants existing in California pre-European) trees, shrubs, grasses, perennials and annuals provide ample options for use any landscape project. The main goal of using native species is to help perpetuate native species and protect and restore the integrity of local ecosystems. In addition, regionally native plants are better adapted to local conditions and normally require less resources and fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Unfortunately, native plants are commonly misunderstood and under appreciated. They suffer from inaccurate generalizations that all native plants are drought tolerant, low maintenance, and easy to grow. Learning which natives are appropriate for your application is the first step in understanding these incredibly beautiful and adaptable plants. Whether you aim to create an entire native garden or just replace a few plants in your yard, there is a native plant well-suited to the chore.

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