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Visalia Backyard Garden

Thursday March 11, 2010

In Visalia, I removed a huge chunk of lawn and installed a drought-tolerant landscape and raised vegetable beds. It looks great and takes so much less care than mowing every week! I am now thinking of doing the same thing in my front yard.

Most of the plants we used were either from California or from the Mediterranean Basin in Europe. It seems like they all blend together rather nicely and like the same amount of water.

We put all of the plants on drip-irrigation but were able to turn the system off after two summers. Now I just water with the hose every other week or so to the plants that look like they need some moisture.

One mistake we made was not to use herbicide on the area where we had lawn removed. We have been battling the bermuda grass since the beginning and the only way we've gotten a leg up on it was with a little herbicide here and there.

Amazingly, all of the work to tear out the old garden and plant/build a new one only took my son and his friend 3 weekends to do! Paying them in food and drink was a great deal for all of us....

I certainly enjoy my space. Please take a look at all the photos and see what you think!!

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