The Landscape Resource Memberships have been designed with one thing in mind: Your Passion. We’ve integrated countless features to allow you to Explore, Learn, Share, and Connect with like-minded folks. Our goal is to help nurture your passion for sustainable gardens, pass along some tidbits of wisdom, and hopefully...learn something from you!

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5 Simple Reasons to Join Landscape Resource


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Number 1 

Join a Community

By interacting with like-minded people, you become an important voice in a growing movement focused on improving our collective landscape. Stay involved in important landscape-relates issues through our newsletters and moblize when community action is needed.

Number 2

Enhance your Browsing

Registered members have access to custom-tailored, valuable information at their fingertips including Evapotranspiration rates, horticultural zones, local climate data, local searching capabilities, and a wheelbarrow more.

 Number 3

Share Your Landscape Experience

Adding photos, stories, and thoughts to the site may provide the exact inspiration or information vital to the success of a fellow gardener.

 Number 4

Store and Organize Your Landscape Dreams

Utilize the advanced features of the Palette Builder to gather ideas for your dream garden or print out a list for an upcoming nursery visit.

 Number 5

Create a Profile

Each member has the option of creating a profile page that allows you to track your site interactions in an intuitive way. It also helps others understand who you are and the experience you bring to the community.


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