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Treasured SiteSubmitted By: Landscape Resource

Location: Pasadena, CA

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About This Landscape

Treasured Site

Landscape Resource
Monday March 7, 2011

Design-Build Landscapers: La Loma Development Co - Pasadena, CA

Landscape Architects & Garden Designers: Mayita Dinos Garden Design - Culver City, CA

Gardeners & Maintenance: Specialty Maintenance - Pasadena, CA

The mantra goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  Such is the case for this  splendid garden in the foothills of Pasadena.  The creative owners entrusted the re-imagination and rehabilitation of their aged and worn landscape to resourceful Mayita Dinos Garden Design.  

The previous owner of the property, true to the stereotype of an old-school engineer, had brought “order” to his garden with a series of rigid block walls, fields of concrete, and flagstone paving.  But when Mayita Dinos absorbed the constraints of the site, she also envisioned a creative design utilizing much of the existing forms and structure.

First, soil was exposed as flagstone was removed and re-purposed in other areas of the garden to act as erosion control in a unconventional, but effective, way.  The site walls were painted two tones of color to relate to the home and give character to an otherwise sterile environment.  An aging pergola was honored for its character and re-furbished when less creative designers would have otherwise torn it out and begun anew.

Succulents and other hardy plants were added to the existing eclectic mix to tolerate the owners' dogs and satisfy their desire for a low-water, California friendly garden.   Where needed, low site walls were constructed with urbanite.  Scraps and off-cuts from the fence construction were used to create arguably priceless furniture.

The owners also discovered a treasure trove of doo-dads, knick knacks, and other random collections from the previous owner.  Rather than tossing, the owners found value in the engineer’s varied collections and brought many items, large and small, into the landscape.  From tiny brad nails which were used to simulate needles of a cactus to    a rusting push mower that ironically sits in a garden without lawn, much of the garden’s light-hearted qualities come from the creative use of everything they encountered.

Specialized credits to:

Sam Grasso: General Contractor-   thegrassocompany@aol.com
Construction of furniture, tikki bar, fences, and cactus sculpture
Restoration of pergola
Installation of 'pot people' fountain.

Matt Zwolensky:   Concrete fabrication- matt@castdecor.com
Fabrication and installation of concrete bar top.

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