The Landscape Resource Business Memberships have been designed with one thing in mind: Growth.  We’ve integrated countless features to promote your business that you probably haven’t even considered yet.  Our goal is to help grow your sustainable landscape business by attracting the right customers, and lots of them, with little work from your end.  For more infomation about site visitors, download our 2012 Media Kit.

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8 Ways Landscape Resource Can Grow Your Business


Go ahead, take a quick look and you’ll see why we’ve been called “genius” on more than one occasion:



Number 1 

Interactive Tools

We know your time is valuable and competition is tight. That’s exactly why we’ve created a host of online tools and resources (including the Palette Builder, Plant Library, Interactive Maps, and Local Bar just to name a few) for you to access in order to set your business apart from the rest. Just associating with us makes your business look better.

Number 2

Simplified SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a bit of a daunting concept...but it isn’t so with Landscape Resource. All you need to know is that we’ve designed the Business Directory and other site features to draw as much attention as possible to your existence. Trust us, we’ve got you covered.

 Number 3

Extended Reach

Basing your marketing efforts on direct mail, phone books, and door hangers isn’t the best way to spend your slim budget. Rather, allow Landscape Resource’s immense draw to funnel interested, informed, and inspired clients to your door.

 Number 4

Your Website isn’t Enough

We’re sure you have a slick, wonderful website that portrays your business perfectly. Sorry for some bad news: That’s just the start. Your business needs to be in so many places online to make even a “blip” on the radar. Work with us and strategically place your content and services in a location designed for landscape professionals.

 Number 5

Nothing to Install

Landscape Resource is a hosted service.  With an internet connection and a few business details, you’ll be up and running in no time.

 Number 6

Easy to Use

The interface you will use to manage your site content is intuitive and painless. We know this is the case because we've had a crew of tech-challenged folks try it out. If they got it, which they did, so will you.

 Number 7

Presentation is Key

As landscape pros, we understand the presentation of your work and products is paramount. Take a look at our Featured Landscapes, Landscape Gallery and Product Gallery and you’ll realize we’ve spared no expense to spotlight your business in the best light possible.

 Number 8

Guilty by Association

Where you advertise tells a lot about a specific company. When working with Landscape Resource, you’re partnering with a California-specific organization whose primary focus is on sustainable and “Green” landscaping. Wouldn’t you like to be proud of who you support?


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