Around the Neighborhood: Shameful Irrigation Maintenance

Monday July 19, 2010

As a society, we have all sorts or rules and regulations in place that are intended to protect and conserve the environment and natural resources.  Unfortunately, there is no appropriate recourse for negligent landscape management.

Take for example, this "professionally managed" apartment complex/water-park in the central coast.  Although accidents happen and sprinkler heads break and gush during irrigation cycles, the poor condition of this landscape is no accident at all.  Rather, years of neglect have created an eyesore with an irrigation system so mal-adjusted that every head (a minimum of 45) needs major adjustment or repair.  We won't even start to discuss the condition of the plants.

irrigation overspray, broken irrigation head




As there is no penalty structure in place to punish those responsible (or in this case, irresponsible), we must suffice with contacting our water districts and lodging formal complaints.

In most instances, the property owner or landscape maintenance personnel are not aware of any problems and would truly appreciate to know if something is wrong.  Usually knocking on doors or leaving notes at homes is a good way to go.

But if you are having trouble getting through to someone, another way to call attention to problems is with Report Water Waste.  This website allows you to report water waste online and anonymously.  They can't guarantee any action, but it is a good option nonetheless.



medplants said...

Thursday August 12, 2010

This is always so tragically frustrating. One can't help but see this type of waste during every outing.

RMLA said...

Thursday August 12, 2010

The Report Water Waste option is helpful, but ultimately, we need more accountability for these types of events. Perhaps this accountability will evolve as water prices continually increase. A stick rather than the carrot.

medplants said...

Friday August 13, 2010

Try this again