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  • Website Video Introduction

    Website Video Introduction

    Wednesday January 05, 2011

    A short video illustrates some of the unique features and tools Landscape Resource has made available to the community.

  • Share your Landscape and Win!

    Share your Landscape and Win!

    Monday January 03, 2011

    Details and rules for the Share your Landscape and Win! program which begins in 2011.

  • California Native Plant Community Information

    California Native Plant Community Information

    Thursday September 16, 2010

    The California native plant information presented on this site is intended to whet the appetite of the novice plant enthusiast and satisfy the deeper curiosity of a vast number of landscape professionals. This is accomplished by presenting quality native

  • Landscapes by Themes (Landscape Gallery)

    Landscapes by Themes (Landscape Gallery)

    Friday April 09, 2010

    A landscape theme is the expressed personality of a landscape. Ranging from restraint to exuberance, formal to natural, or colorful to textural, a wide variety of traits help distinguish and categorize garden themes.

  • Featured Landscapes Selection Criteria

    Featured Landscapes Selection Criteria

    Tuesday March 30, 2010

    The gardens presented in Featured Landscapes have undergone a critical review by seasoned landscape professionals in order to ensure the work highlighted is unique, thought-provoking, and exhibits environmentally appropriate characteristics. The result o