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Landscapes by Themes (Landscape Gallery)

Friday April 09, 2010


A landscape theme is the expressed personality of a landscape. Ranging from restraint to exuberance, or formal to natural, a wide variety of traits help distinguish and categorize garden themes. 

We have orgainzed all landscapes loaded by both general members and landscape professionals in this section.  This way, you can easily browse the style of garden you are interested in.

As you explore the landscape themes, you will see imagery and garden descriptions supplied by Landscape Resource contributors, professionals, and community members.  Additionally, for each theme, you will find a list of suggested plants that one may use use in such a landscape.

As a responsible steward of the land, when viewing these landscapes, try to imagine the amount of resources required to maintain such a landscape and whether or not that could be sustained in your location.  For instance, consider the amount of irrigation needed, amount of green waste produced during maintenance, hours of maintenance required, and quantities of natural resources required to initially construct such a garden.  Ask these tough questions before planting a garden and the reward will be a landscape more properly tuned to the earth and your lifestyle.

Explore the Landscapes By Theme Section now!


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