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Landscape Photo Sharing: Making Inspiration Easier

Wednesday September 28, 2011

"Stretching back generations, all true gardeners and landscapers have had one thing in common: a passionate excitement for sharing their experience and knowledge."

Perhaps this little “garden bug” is acquired from an extended exposure to soil and compost, or by spending too many hours happily toiling under the sun in one’s garden.  Regardless of how the “bug” is contracted, the age-old passion is beginning to welcome the new concept of landscaping photo sharing online.

The Internet has changed the design, installation, and maintenance of gardens for the better.  Massive amounts of helpful information can be found at will, and the once-difficult task of finding California landscape ideas and inspiration is becoming easier because of those embracing landscaping photo sharing.

For those who have interest, but are new to the idea of online landscaping photo sharing, here are six reasons to consider getting involved:

1) Fellow Gardeners Learn from and can be Inspired by Your Garden:

Every spring, garden tours pop up across the country and people flock to see how other people live and garden outside.  Why limit the experience to physical visits and a single season when the same inspiration can be conveyed effortlessly and at any time through the web?

2) What we See in Magazines isn’t necessarily the Real World:

We have all been inspired by professional glossy images in books and magazines but these gardens and landscapes are rarely within our budget or climate zone.  Nothing is wrong with this unless you realize that the images you see aren’t entirely honest.  Colors are enhanced, patios staged, and a single moment in a garden’s existence is captured.  By enlisting regular gardeners and landscapers to share their own photos, a truer version of a garden may be presented. There will never be enough books or landscape design guides to satisfy all questions and concerns your fellow gardeners and landscapers will pose.  So adding your photos and explanations may answer a desperate gardener’s question and can be a valuable landscape design tool.

3) Reinforce Appropriate Landscaping Techniques and Practices:

Photos of your landscape are testament to the climate and conditions you live in.  As environmentally aware gardeners and landscapers share more landscaping photos online, the interest and demand for sustainable garden design intensifies.  

4) Gush about Something You Love:

We live in a time where we communicate much more of our lives with others.  Why not share your passion and in turn create an extended community of like-minded followers and supporters who share your interests?

5) Demonstrate your Professional Skills:

For those who work in the green industry, such as California Landscape Professionalslandscaping photo sharing is an integral component of your landscape marketing strategy.  In today’s business environment, demonstrating your understanding and sensitivity to mediterranean landscaping principles is vital.  How adept is your company at designing California native gardens or rainwater harvesting systems? How much experience do you have with permeable paving and firescaping?  And what better way to answer a potential client’s question than with imagery?  Like the old adage says, “a picture is worth a thousand words"

By taking a few moments of your time, you can join the growing community of gardeners and landscapers who share landscape photos online by joining Landscape Resource now!

About Landscape Resource: Landscape Resource has the most advanced and extensive landscaping photo sharing on the web. For more information about landscaping photos, sustainable landscape information, and landscape design tools, visit

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