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Landscape Marketing: Five Great Promotional Methods for Your Landscape Business

Thursday July 21, 2011


A clear, focused, and genuine landscape marketing plan is required of all successful California Landscape Professionals.


In fact, given the mindset of the average customer, appealing to the dreams, wishes, and goals of potential clients is not only vital, it's quite enjoyable when done responsibly. Check out these five promotional marketing tips that will improve your landscape business.

1. Listen carefully to the dreams and aspirations of your potential clients:

If you're actively searching, probing, and encouraging the dreams of your customers, success will follow. Some people dream of improving their already beautiful garden with a sustainable garden design. Others simply need to solve a glaring erosion issue. Regardless of where the starting point is, the key is to listen to and cultivate your client's needs. The easiest way to please a client is to respond to his needs and not force your own ideas.

2. Write your marketing promotions to appeal to the frustrated gardener:

After all, if landscaping was simple and uncomplicated, everyone would do it themselves! But the fact remains most people make multiple ineffective attempts at designing or maintaining a garden before contacting a professional. Sustainable landscaping, mediterranean landscaping, or ,designing California native gardens (all of which dominate the current landscape trends) all require years of training and experience to implement with any level of success. After too many setbacks and frustration, self-sufficient gardeners may transition into potential paying customers. And as a landscape professional, recognizing this moment and framing your promotions accordingly will yield improved reception of your professional services.

3. Utilize current landscape trends to enforce your promotions:

It's safe to assume that potential clients have been sufficiently bombarded with terms such as "Green gardening", "edible gardens", "sustainable garden design" and the like. However, they probably don't know much about the concepts beyond face value. The key to your success is to describe in basic language what is best for their property relative to sustainable landscaping. Equally important, excuse them completely for not having implemented green landscaping techniques so far, and compliment their efforts and determination to do so.

4. Direct Mail is Out and Social Marketing is In:

  Social marketing is an incredible way to promote your landscape business. In fact, it is possibly the most powerful and potent strategy you can use. Primary among the benefits is the fact that it creates an unconscious aura of social proof. Online portfolios, landscape photo sharing, and customer reviews strengthen your business image with very little energy on your part. One such venue California landscape professionals take advantage of is Our website has built-in landscape design tools, landscaping photos & galleries, California landscape ideas, landscape design guides, and a Business Directory that allows potential clients to find, research, and read reviews of landscape professionals in their area. Could all of this be accomplished with traditional mailers, door hangers, or ads in the phone book? With over 75% of all purchase-related decisions happening online, you can't afford not to embrace social marketing.

5. Confirm the suspicions of potential clients and point out how your business is totally different:

The fact of the matter is that landscape businesses are commodities. In other words, what landscape company A can do, landscape company B can do at basically the same quality and price. To set your business apart, you must promote your unique characteristics that are not quality or price related. For instance, promote your strong relationships with past clients. Or require your staff to wear matching, collared shirts on the jobsite to increase your professional appeal. Or make yourself available to clients at regular intervals and give them full attention during meetings; nobody likes to feel like they are simply one of many meetings throughout the day. Although these suggestions may seem insignificant, they may become deal-makers when everything else is equal.

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