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California Native Plant Community Information

Thursday September 16, 2010

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The California native plant information presented on this site is intended to whet the appetite of the novice plant enthusiast and satisfy the deeper curiosity of a vast number of landscape professionals.  This is accomplished by presenting quality native plant information and stunning imagery in a simple and intuitive way.

As in nature, the native plants on the site are organized by specific plant communities.  Like so much of the information on the website, a zip code is used to associate the browser with "local" native plant communities.  But because zip code maps were not drawn to respect countless variables in microclimates or topography, it is impossible to accurately list all of the plant communities by zip code.  So, Landscape Resource has widened the association to include all relevant plant communities that may occur in the browser's county

native plant map

So, by simply typing in a zip code, a browser instantly knows what plant communities occur in the vicinity and can easily find information on general characteristics of each community and plants that occur in each community.  What a fantastic resource for California!

The specific information on the plants in each community comes from a variety of references including:

-Long, observant walks outdoors

-Dave Fross, founder of Native Sons Nursery, and his spectacular native plant course offered at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.  A combination of lectures and field trips provided a wealth of invaluable information.  (This should be a required course for every Californian!)

-Landscape Resource Plant Library Contributors:  San Marcos Growers and Tree of Life Nursery

-Terrestrial Vegetation of California, 3rd ed, by Barbour, Keeler-Wolf, & Schoenherr

-Trees of the California Landscape by Charles Hatch

-A Guide to Wildlife Habitats of California, 1988, CA Dept of Fish & Game

-US Forest Service CALVEG Zones & Alliances – Vegetation Descriptions



splitzwood said...

Thursday March 20, 2014

i couldn't seem to get the plant communities map to work. i tried in firefox and chrome. ???