What is LandscapeResource.com?


We’ve combined our passion for the environment and landscape with an online community to create a website unlike any other.  Please look around; you found what you’ve been looking for.


Landscape Resource is a community-oriented site offering a unique set of landscape design tools and resources for home gardeners and landscape professionals.  The site presents countless landscape ideas, practical tips for designing native gardens, provides a venue for landscape photo sharing, and suggests real-life solutions for sustainable garden design. 

As a garden enthusiast interested in landscaping photos and mediterranean landscaping, or a landscape professional interested landscape marketing, Landscape Resource is your Go To source.





As landscape enthusiasts, we live in a place and time that demands radical thinking and sustainable action if we are to preserve our quality of life for future generations.  Daily, we are confronted with ominous issues such as global warming, pollution, drought, and many other problems that feel like they are beyond our control. 


But at Landscape Resource, we believe countless solutions having an immediate and measurable impact to these pressing issues can be implemented right in our front and backyards.  As homeowners and stewards of this land, we have the ability and responsibility to lighten our mark left on earth. 


We, with the assistance of the members on this site, are here to help show you how.



    Our Mission


Our business is focused on improving the cultivated about us quotelandscape. All of our actions are focused on informing and inspiring the public because we believe humans inherently have an affinity towards beautiful spaces but largely lack the knowledge to create it for themselves. We value thought, care, and creativity manifested in the landscape.


We are committed to confronting landscape stereotypes. We provide an arena to question commonly accepted landscape norms and standards. All landscape choices have consequences that affect soil, water, and air quality. Our task it to take consequences that regularly go unnoticed and highlight their greater implications.


No good design should go unnoticed. It is our belief that countless, successful and new landscapes are created each day, but the public experiences only a slim majority. We strive to provide a venue to appreciate noteworthy landscapes in hope that demand for high-quality materials, sustainable practices, deep design, and careful construction will bleed out into the greater public.


Our success as a business is linked to the health of our environment. We recognize our dependence on a healthy planet and accept our responsibility as a leader and an instigator of environmentally responsible landscape choices.



    Sustainability Statement

We are dedicated to the environmental and aesthetic improvement of our cultivated landscape.  We influence change and sustainable decision-making by providing inspiration and information that showcases environmentally responsible choices.  Our motto “Growing Sustainabilitysummarizes our commitment to actively promote landscape sustainability as well as organize our business to succeed at no expense of the environment’s health.